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Launch! – Meet the 8 startups


The inaugural AIA/KM accelerator program just kicked off and we had the pleasure of meeting the eight startups who we will be joining in the trenches for the next 12 weeks. It is a diverse group, hand picked from a pool of 125 applications from 30 countries.  Here’s who is involved:

Smartmissimo, Singapore, Wearable Tech/Muscle Rehab – The startup created the PowerDot, a compact medical grade (Class 2) electrical muscle stimulator, cleared by EU MDD (CE-marked) and US FDA, which can be applied to 14 muscle groups on the body and is a cutting edge way to treat muscle injuries.

Darma Inc., USA, Smart Cushion –Darma is the fitbit for sitting. It is the world’s first “inactivity tracker” – a non invasive smart cushion to monitor your sitting habits and improve your physical and mental health. Darma uses novel sensor technology and algorithms to offer actionable guidance to improve posture, balance sitting time and reduce stress.

Vault Dragon Healthcare, Singapore, EMR – Vault dragon aims to provide a cloud-based, patient-centric platform for users to have secure, real-time access to their health records, and allows them to review and update changes to their biodata. Patients can also communicate with their doctors through the platform, as well as review past test results and prescriptions from any prior visits to their healthcare provider.

uHoo, Singapore, Air Quality Sensor – uHoo is an indoor air quality sensor that understands how the air you breathe affects your health in order to provide you with personalized alerts.

iWithin, Australia, AI/Risk Management/Onboarding – iWithin combines the latest technology and scientific research, with the best of thousands of years of spiritual wisdom, meditation, yoga, nutrition and exercise to create an app and web based platform that gives users their very own pocket guru. The more users that engage with iWithin, the more powerful iWithin becomes at generating antidotes as it utilises self-learning to discover what is most effective for particular issues and types of people.

Team8, Paris, Wearable Tech – Team8 is a connectable watch for kids (6-12 years old) which provides a gamified solution to combat obesity and various unhealthy habits.

Biorithm, Singapore, Remote Diagnostics – Biorithim provides medical signal processing solutions and device design for continuous monitoring purposes with an eye on addressing data security, visualisations and usability.

Just Move, New Delhi, Wellness – Wellness provides SaaS consumer and corporate wellness solutions that deliver instant and long term engagement hooks to drive tangible improvement in health outcomes. It is dynamically delivered via mobile apps and web platforms.

Over the next 12-weeks, eight startups will take part in an intensive programme to help them to rapidly grow and scale their businesses. Each week the teams will learn about a particular aspect of running a successful company through seminars, workshops and one-on-one mentoring. All of which culminates in a Demo Day where they will pitch to a room full of investors and industry experts.  For a sneak peak of what’s to come for these teams, check out the AIA accelerator in Hong Kong where they just held its second demo day event!