Monthly Archives: July 2016

Meet the last three teams in our series – they are Dharma, uHoo and Biorithm.

Many of us are often seated at work, spending the bulk of our time sitting. Darma provides a smart cushion, to help individuals sit healthier, smarter and reduce issues such as back pain and headaches. Learn more at:

uHoo has developed an indoor air quality sensor to help consumers prevent asthma and rhinitis amongst other respiratory conditions by better understanding the air they’re breathing. Learn more about uHoo:

Biorithm’s vision is to provide consumers with a doctor’s assistant in their pockets. They’re helping doctors monitor larger populations in order to administer timely, effective treatments. Learn more here:

This week we meet JustMove and Vault Dragon HealthCare

JustMove’s personalised fitness tracking app makes healthy living fun, and also helps companies and insurance corporations lower claims and increase consumer engagement. Download the app here:

Vault Dragon Healthcare is a secure cloud platform where patient records can be stored and easily accessible by the patients themselves, speeding up the treatment process. Learn more at :